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Furniture rental

Furniture rental for the Netherlands and Belgium. Particularly expats are familiar with the concept of renting furniture. Furniture rental can be the perfect solution for renting temporary furniture for shorter or longer periods of time. The RE-PLACE furniture rental service is also perfect for the period of time in which your own furniture have not arrive yet. Instead of staying at an impersonal and maybe even expensive hotel you can now enjoy your stay at your own place.

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Makes you feel at home

Select your furniture style:

World White

World White

Great detail and distinguished design

Pure Natural

Pure Natural

Refreshing and trendy

Classic Comfort

Classic Comfort

A classic feeling

Modern Mood

Modern Mood

Minimalistic and smooth

Furniture Rental

Did you know that furniture rental is often less expensive than a stay at a hotel or buying new furniture? Even for a longer period of time, furniture rental cost less than moving your furniture overseas.
Because we want to make everyone feel at home, RE-PLACE offers furniture in a number of different and beautiful styles: World White, Pure Natural, Classic Comfort or Modern Mood. Simply choose the style that suits your needs and wishes! If you have any special preferences concerning furniture rentals by us, just let us know. We will do everything possible to live up to our motto ‘RE-PLACE makes you feel at home!’.


With so many years of experience withing the field of renting furniture, you can rely upon RE-PLACE to take on the furnishing of your home. Our customers include both Dutch and International companies. Just like their employees we are well-aware of the stress involved when moving overseas. Our English-speaking employees will do anything to make the move less stressful.


We guarantee that the furniture you rent will arrive on time, that it will be of excellent quality and that it will meet your expectations and family situation. A few days before your arrival in the Netherlands your home will be ready for you to move in!
What more can we say? If you are looking for furniture rental in the Netherlands or Belgium and you want a fully furnished home, contact us for an offer today!

About Replace furniture rental

RE-PLACE is a family business, highly committed to providing its customers – mainly expats – with a variety of services related to temporary furniture rental. Apart from expats we also service companies and individuals who find themselves in a transitional situation and who are in need of furniture and other accessories on short notice. Whether it is an international move, a divorce, a house that needs to be sold or an business expansion – we have seen it all! Our services are available whenever you need them in The Netherlands and Belgium.

Our company motto:

‘RE-PLACE makes you feel at home!’ and we strive to live up to this motto to the complete satisfaction of our Dutch and international customers. Our warm, personal and yet professional approach is greatly appreciated. After almost 20 years of experience we know all about the stress that comes along with international moves, divorces and company expansions. Our assistances brings you a sense of much wanted relief.