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Home Staging Service

Home staging. Are you a home owner just on the verge of selling your home? Or are you a realtor with the task of selling a house? Either way, you know how important it is to present the property as good and attractive as possible. After all potential buyers often decide on buying the house the minute they step through the door. RE-PLACE can influence the decisions of potential buyers by means of effective Home Staging.

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Select your furniture style:

World White

World White

Great detail and distinguished design

Pure Natural

Pure Natural

Refreshing and trendy

Classic Comfort

Classic Comfort

A classic feeling

Modern Mood

Modern Mood

Minimalistic and smooth

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RE-PLACE Home Staging Service

The RE-PLACE service consists of beautifully decorating the home, the living room, dining room and master bedroom in particular, with furniture and accessories that will make the house look at its very best. The secret lies within decorating the house to make potential buyers feel instantly at home. Home Staging increases the chance of selling a house.

If you have your own preferences for decorating a home for selling purposes or if you would like to have a model home furnished, please let us know. Based on our experience with furniture rental we can quickly and effectively furnish a house according to your wishes and help you sell your house.

Would you like to receive an offer or more information about temprary furniture rental? Please feel free to contact us.

About Replace Home Staging Service

RE-PLACE is a family business, highly committed to providing its customers – mainly expats – with a variety of services related to Home Staging. Apart from expats we also service companies and individuals who find themselves in a transitional situation and who are in need of furniture and other accessories on short notice. Whether it is an international move, a divorce, a house that needs to be sold or an business expansion – we have seen it all! Our services are available whenever you need them in The Netherlands and Belgium.

Our company motto:

‘RE-PLACE makes you feel at home!’ and we strive to live up to this motto to the complete satisfaction of our Dutch and international customers. Our warm, personal and yet professional approach is greatly appreciated. After almost 20 years of experience we know all about the stress that comes along with international moves, divorces and company expansions. Our assistances brings you a sense of much wanted relief.